Hestra Heavy Merino Mitten

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Hestra Heavy Merino Mitt

A comfortable soft liner mitten designed to provide an extra level of protection in colder weather the Hestra Heavy Merino Mitt keeps the weather off your hands when you pull them out of your mitts to make fine adjustments to your gear. Compatible with most mittens (not just Hestra products) we recommend liner mittens to anyone who uses heat packs without a dedicated heat pocket to keep the disposable heater from lying directly on your skin, and for anyone who takes their hands out of their mittens while out in the cold. The liner will help to keep your hands comfortable and protected so you don't put them back into your mittens already chilled. The wool in the fabric helps keep these insulating even when damp, while the synthetics help evaporate moisture quickly and provide additional durability to the fabric. A nice alternative to punching the buy button on yet another pair of mittens when what you really need is some flexibility and layering in your hand protection, a pair of liners gives you options you've never had before, including the ability to protect the inside of your gloves from perspiration and salts which prematurely age mitts. Cut for comfort and fit inside a mitten this gives you added flexibility in colder weather, whether you're adding a heat pack to your gloves, or looking for a way to protect your hands when you're adjusting your gear.


  • Liner mitten
  • Ribbed cuff
  • Rounded tip for comfortable fit
  • Gored thumb for movement
  • Merino Wool / Elastane / Polyamide blend

Hestra Size Chart:

Hand Circumference is measured with a tape measure 20 mm above the thumb. The length of the hand is the distance between the wrist and the tip of the middle finger.

Hestra Glove Size Hand Circumference (mm) Hand Length (mm)
6 152 160
7 178 171
8 203 182
9 229 192
10 254 204
11 279 215
Hestra Heavy Merino Mitten
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