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ION Fix Strap S

Ever find yourself heading out on the trails with a backpack overflowing with snacks, layers, and various other personal belongings? Does it weigh you down and inhibit your riding? It's no secret that for a day of biking, it's easy to bring one too many things. Rather than stuffing a pack, why not take advantage of ION's innovative product, the Fix Strap S. This highly functional, minimalist item can lessen the load for you on any given day. Whether you're heading to the bike park or embarking on a lengthy trail ride, the Fix Strap S is the perfect addition to your bike. Ideal for easily strapping smaller gear, such as tubes, air pumps or tools; the Fix Strap provides additional storage space and attaches conveniently to your bike frame. It wouldn't be mountain biking without having to replace or repair a part-that's why ION skipped a step and designed this specialized product to be your on-trail maintenance assistance. For the next time you pop a tire or slip a chain, no need to lug your bike all the way to the car or call it a day. You can have the luxury of having your tools on hand and ready to fix your problems so that you can get back on your bike in no time. You'll become the crew's go-to person for any hiccups on the trail and what's better than that? Approach each ride with confidence with the ION Fix Strap S.


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ION Fix Strap
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