K2 Bolt-Speed 90/85A Wheel 4 Pack

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K2 Bolt-Speed 90/85A Wheel 4 Pack

The K2 Bolt-Speed 90/85A replacement wheel set consists of 4 high-performance wheels for the refreshment of your current wheel set. Skating is a lot of fun because it feels like you're part gliding and part flying, and to get the most out of those sensations, you need some nice wheels on your feet. The larger the wheel, the smoother the roll, and it's about as simple as that. The 90 mm diameter is beginning to get on the wide side of the spectrum, allowing for maximum roll and smoothness while still keeping the skates maneuverable enough and quick enough to allow for sharp cornering and confident strides. The bigger the wheel, the smaller the obstacle, so it makes the cracks and pebbles that you encounter seem a lot less intrusive than on smaller wheels. This also allows for a more confident experience out there, making it easier to get to where you're going faster, and with a higher level of fun, and that's what it's really all about. The diameter is one aspect of this wheel set that makes a lot of sense, and when it comes to speed, the durometer of the plastic is quite another. These wheels feature an 85A durometer stiffness, which is on the stiffer and faster side of the spectrum, allowing for maximum speed and efficiency, as well as longevity. These won't wear out as fast as softer wheels, and you get quite a bit more roll out of them as well.


  • 4 Wheels Per Set
  • 90 mm Diameter
  • 85A Durometer Stiffness
K2 Bolt-Speed 90/85A Wheel 4 Pack
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