K2 Booster 80/82A Wheel 4 Pack

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K2 Booster 80/82A Wheel 4 Pack

The wheels are the life-blood of the inline skate. As the only part of the system to touch the ground (hopefully), the wheels do go through some wear and tear-more so if you're a particularly aggressive inline skater. The K2 Booster wheel 4 pack, consisting of 80 mm and 82A durometer plastic, is your go-to pack of replacement wheels to ensure that you keep rolling smoothly and efficiently. I remember rotating the wheels on my skates until they were as thin as a pizza cutter, and at that point, inline skating just wasn't a whole lot of fun. Getting replacement wheels was like getting a whole new pair of skates-it makes that much of a difference. If you've flipped your wheels one too many times, make sure to order up a set of K2 Booster 80/82A wheels to keep you connected to the ground and set up to make a bunch more strides on the pavement. At 80 mm in the diameter, these replacement wheels should be used on an 80 mm appropriate skate, and if you're familiar with this wheel size, you know it's a great blend of maneuverability and smoothness. They're efficient and easy to skate on, allowing you to roll over small cracks and obstacles and still make quick turns when needed. The 82A durometer/stiffness of the wheels allows for good all-season performance and a versatile rolling resistance to wear ratio. For a great set of replacement wheels, check out the K2 Booster 80/82A 4-Pack.


  • 80 mm Diameter
  • 82A Durometer Stiffness
  • 4 Wheels per Pack
K2 Booster 80/82A Wheel 4 Pack
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