Lenz Heat 5.0 Sock Toe Cap

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Lenz Heat Sock 5.0 Toe Cap

Cold feet – it doesn't just happen at the altar. The most common complaint surrounding discomfort while skiing involves a person's feet. Ski boots aren't necessarily the most forgiving footwear nor are they the most insulated (understatement of the year). Many of us have simply chalked up cold feet and borderline frostbitten toes to the physical cost of enjoying the sport we love. What if we told you this no longer needed to be the case? What if we told you Lenz has a solution to remedy this discomfort? The Lenz Heated Sock does just that. It's a functional athletic sock with a built in heating element which is virtually unnoticeable, completely incorporates the toe area and also includes an additional heating element in the balls of the feet and the heal. Powered by rechargeable lithium batteries that attach to the leg band, the Lenz Heated Sock will keep you warm and comfortable all season long. Heating units sold separately. Stock up on Heat Sock's for extended trips so you can always rejoice in the heat!


  • functional sock with integrated heating element you don't notice
  • Heating elements of the latest generation which completely incorporate the toe area
  • Toe region and balls of the foot are heated
  • Optimal moisture transportation
  • Ergonomically knitted
  • Additional shin protector
  • Padding on the exposed parts
  • Ring bandages for optimum support on the foot
  • The lithium packs are easy to attach by means of press studs on the leg band
  • Machine washable at 30°c

Package Contents

  • 1 pair of Lenz heat socks 5.0 toe cap (battery packs sold separately)

Temperature Control:

Heat can be regulated via 3 settings on the battery pack or remotely via smartphone Bluetooth 4.0 connection (App Sold Seperately)

Temperature LevelsHeating Period
Level 1:42 °C / 107 °F10 - 14 h
Level 2:52 °C / 125 °F5.5 - 7.5 h
Level 3:60 °C / 140 °F3.5 - 4.5 h
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Brand Lenz
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Product Questions

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The Lenz sock 6.0 shows the % of materials ie. 40% merino wool.
I was wondering what the break down of the 5.0 sock is?
Also the reviews on various sites are fairly mixed some people saying that the socks are useless. I read your comments in the review section and you seem to have good customer care, I was wondering if the lithium battery reset doesn't work what your return/replace/refund policy was?

Thanks very much for your help.