Lenz Space Dryer 1.0 120V

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Lenz Space Dryer 1.0 120V

Showing up to the mountain with wet gear is a sure sign of a bad day. Gear that gets wet freezes much quicker than gear that stays dry. So why start the day off with wet gear? It will only make your day miserable when it doesn't have to be. Boot dryers don't cost much relative to the other gear you buy for skiing. So why not spend a little so that you can get more out of the equipment you have invested in. The boot dryers from Lenz are great and have protective sensors that make them somewhat intelligent. The boot dryer disperses warm air efficiently and quietly so that your boots dry out quickly. The dryers have long tubes and come with extra tubes so that you can ensure air gets where it needs to be. While other boot dryers can overheat, and melt your boots, the Lenz Space Dryer 1.0 has built-in sensors that will protect your boots from getting too hot. Three variations of cycle times are offered so you can ensure your boots are dry in the morning no matter how soaked they are. The boot dryer works great with any kind of footwear or gloves because it comes with extra air tubes. It doesn't matter what activity you are doing that causes your feet to get wet, you should have dry footwear.


  • Quiet
  • Dries shoes, gloves, and other articles of outdoor clothing
  • Short Drying time
  • Drying times can be programmed
  • Temperature controlled
  • Replaceable fragrance platelets
  • Extra Air tubes
  • Wall plug
  • Control Module
Lenz Space Dryer 1.0 120V
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