Lenz Space Warmer 1.0 12V (Car)

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Lenz Space Warmer 1.0 12V (car)

Sometimes you are not near an outlet. Or sometimes you sleep in your car. Sometimes you forget to dry your boots out at night and you need to on the way to the mountain. Regardless of where your lifestyle takes you, you need dry footwear and gloves. This charger is made to plug into the 12V outlets in your car for amazing versatility. This Space Warmer is specially designed to emit heat in the most efficient way throughout your boots, shoes or gloves. The heater comes with two separate warming units to quickly dry out your set of wet gear. With proper air and heat dispersion, your shoes will dry even faster. The Space Warmer 1.0 has newly developed "heating ribs" to make sure that the hot air gets where it needs to go. The product comes with two inserts for one pair of whatever needs to be dried. The Space Warmer has a built-in heat sensor to make sure that your favorite pair of gloves or boots doesn't melt or light on fire. Just take care not to kill your car battery when drying out your wet boots or gloves. You need these if you find yourself starting off the day with wet feet that quickly get unbearably cold.


  • Ideal for shoes and gloves
  • Newly developed heating ribs ensure optimum heat development
  • Protects against overheating
  • Innovative 3-D design
Lenz Space Warmer 1.0 12V (Car)
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