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Program Details:

To start earning Ski Bucks, simply sign up for a user account on When you make your first purchase, your Ski Bucks will begin to accumulate. For every dollar you spend, you earn a Ski Buck. For every 300 Ski Bucks you earn, you'll receive a $15 credit towards any purchase. To redeem your Ski Bucks, simply call us at (877) 812-6710 to place your order over the phone.

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I'm signed up for the newsletter. Does that mean I have an account?

You may be signed up for our newsletter but not an account. If you created an account on our website or registered as a customer when checking out, you're already signed up. If you're unsure about or having trouble with your account, please contact customer service.

Do I earn Ski Bucks if I check out as a guest?

No, you must create an account to earn Ski Bucks. If you don't have an account sign up for one here.

I'm a longtime SkiEssentials customer. When did I start earning Ski Bucks?

Our Ski Bucks program began November 1st, 2015. So any order's placed on or after November 1st earned Ski Bucks.

How can I check my Ski Bucks?

In order to check your Ski Bucks, either e-mail or call customer service and we will give you your Ski Bucks balance.

Do I earn Ski Bucks when I'm redeeming my Ski Bucks?

Yes! Every dollar you spend on product earns you Ski Bucks.

Are any items are excluded from accumulating Ski Bucks?

Nope. Any product you buy on earns Ski Bucks. However, any shipping charges do not accrue Ski Bucks.

When will I receive my Ski Bucks for online purchases?

As soon as we finish processing your order, your account is updated with your new Ski Bucks.

What happens to my Ski Bucks if I return merchandise?

If you return a product, the Ski Bucks you earned for that purchase are deducted from you balance.

I have another coupon. Can I use it with my loyalty point coupon?

We cannot combine any coupons on our site. All coupons, including loyalty Ski Bucks coupons must be used separately.


SkiEssentials Loyalty Program Terms & Conditions

1. Membership: Participation in the SkiEssentials Loyalty Program ("Program") and the benefits of the Program are offered at the sole discretion of SkiEssentials ("SkiEssentials", "us", or "our"). All eligible customers must create an account on our website to enroll. Customers with existing accounts are already enrolled.

As you shop, you accumulate Ski Bucks ("Points") in your Rewards Account, as described below. Upon request, you will be issued a coupon code which you may then use to shop at

2. Eligibility: All Customers may become members ("Members," "you," or "your") in the Program. Corporations, associations and other groups may not participate.

SkiEssentials reserves the right to disqualify any person from participating if, in our sole judgment, that person appears to be violating these Terms and Conditions, making purchases for a business or for resale, manipulating the Program, making excessive returns or otherwise acting in a manner inconsistent with the Program's intent. If a member is disqualified, they forfeit their Rewards Account Value and all outstanding Reward Cards with a balance.

3. Definitions:

  • "SkiEssentials Account" is an account in the online retail section of
  • "Eligible Items" consist of merchandise bought at Eligible items do not include any services such as but not limited to: any type of ski service work including ski mounting; shipping/handling; select charitable program fees, tickets or merchandise.
  • "Net Purchases" are purchases of Eligible Items less all sales tax, redeemed coupons, shipping and handling fees, returns, price adjustments and other discounts.
  • "Rewards Account Value" means the points you accumulate in your Rewards Account.
  • "Rewards Account Balance" is the total positive or negative accumulated Rewards Account Value you have at any point in time.
  • "Rewards Coupon" is the coupon issued in exchange for rewards points.

4. Accumulating Rewards Account Value: Once enrolled in the Program, you accumulate Rewards Account Value based on your Net Purchases of Eligible Items. All activity on a Rewards Account, no matter who enters into the transaction, will be treated as activity of the Member.

To accumulate Rewards Account Value when making a purchase at, you must login to the website with your SkiEssentials Account. To accumulate Rewards Account Value while ordering over the phone you must provide the email address associated with your SkiEssentials Account.

Points are issued to your Rewards Account Balance after your order has been fully processed.

5. Calculation of Rewards Account Value: For every $1 spent on Net Purchase of Eligible items, 1 point is added to your Rewards Account Balance. The amount of rewards points you earn based on your Net Purchase of Eligible Items at SkiEssentials is subject to change at any time and is at the sole discretion of SkiEssentials. Such changes may occur with our without notice. Returns and other adjustments, such as a price adjustment, may reduce or eliminate your Rewards Account Balance.

If we deactivate your Rewards Account due to abuse or manipulation of the Program, membership in the Program will terminate immediately and your Rewards Account Balance and any value remaining on an issued Reward Card may be forfeited.

6. Issuing Reward Coupons: For every 300 points in your Rewards Account Balance, you are eligible for a $15 coupon. Reward Coupons are only issued in 300 point increments as per the table below. Upon being issued the Reward Coupon is active and may be used. Your Rewards Account Balance is immediately reduced by the number of points corresponding to the value of the Reward Coupon. Reward Coupons are transferable but they may only be used one time.


Reward Coupon Value













7. Reward Coupon Redemption: Reward Coupons have no expiration date. SkiEssentials reserves the right to change the expiration date on any Reward Coupons previously issued with or without notice. In that case all Reward Coupons will no longer be valid after the expiration date.

Rewards Coupons can be redeemed either on the SkiEssentials website or over the phone. The coupon code must be provided at time of purchase. Rewards Coupons cannot be used with any other coupon codes, including other Reward Coupons. If a Reward Coupon is used for a purchase of less than the value of the coupon, the remaining value will be lost.

8. Termination of or Change in Program: SkiEssentials may terminate the Program at any time, with or without notice, which may result in loss of accumulated Rewards Account Value and the cancellation of all benefits and privileges associated with the Program. SkiEssentials reserves the right to limit, delete or change any of the rules, terms, conditions, and benefits of the Program at its sole discretion, with or without notice. Interpretation of these Terms and Conditions shall be at the sole discretion of SkiEssentials, whose decision will be final. SkiEssentials has the right to close your Rewards Account for any reason.

9. Other Terms: SkiEssentials is not responsible for lost, destroyed, stolen or expired Reward Coupons. Once issued, the value on a Reward Card, active or expired, will not be credited back to your Rewards Account Balance. Any tax liability connected with receipt or use of any Reward Card is the Member's responsibility. Program void where prohibited by law. A Rewards Account Balance is not transferable in the event of death, as part of a domestic relations matter, or for any other reason. The sale or barter of any Rewards Account Balance or any Reward Card is prohibited. Events beyond SkiEssentials control, such as computer equipment or electronic data transmission failure, strikes, acts of God, civil disturbance, terrorism or war, which may materially affect our ability to perform, will allow us to suspend or terminate the Program.