Marker Flannel

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Marker Flannel Shirt

It has been remarked, even your formal is informal. You were an usher at your sister's wedding and you wore a baseball cap with your tux. You're the original showed up in boots, only your boots are hikers with Vibram soles that have 500 miles on them, a ruiner of black tie affairs. Not because you spoil the group photo, but because you're rough and ready style outclasses even a tailored tux. And you thought you styled it pretty well with that red plaid cummerbund. Let's just say, your sister won't be naming her first born after you. You're not concerned. Sooner or later you'll get your hands on that little rug rat. You've got a pair of tiny boots mounted to a pair of boards for as soon as they can hold themselves upright. And a tiny backpack, who knew Osprey even made them this small? As soon as those little feet have mastered forward propulsion.. let the corruption begin! Every kid should have a well-rounded education. Like geography, so they know what trails they want on their bucket list, and where the glaciers are. They should have a clue anthropologists do. And why coral reefs are important. And how to split a log, make fire with a flint, and build a bush camp. The Marker Flannel Shirt. Worn by favorite uncles and not so favored brothers until it is tatters and memories. Borrowed by nieces in their teens never to be returned.


  • Men's flannel shirt
  • 100% Memory Absorbent fabric
Marker Flannel
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