Marker Neckie

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Marker Neckie

We, the denizens of the ski industry, have given the world the most useful scrap of fabric ever developed. We have given you.. the Neckie. Need a hat? You can twist this thing into everything from a makeshift hat to a hair tie, to a headband. You might even use it as a neckwarmer. But beyond the intended uses that show up on the package there are 1000 more. Hankie, dishtowel, mini-rag. Tug it over your dog's ears to protect him from the wind. Heck, put a knot in it and use it as a tug toy. The most all-purpose, useful, thing ever produced. A thing that should be in your gear bag, your pocket, your car, 12 months out of the year. Takes up no space, weighs precious little, performs all the tasks. The usefulness of this little thing is limited only by your imagination. Tie a knot in the bottom and you've got a bag for gathering blackberries. Throw some ice in there, knot it again, and you've got a teething toy for your sister's little nugget. You're a hero. Even if you're not a skier and barely lay claim to being a hiker you can use one of these. The little scrap of brilliance brought to you by the ski industry. You need one in the car, in your gear back, in your pack...


  • The neck tube of 1000 uses
Marker Neckie
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