Marker Team Hat

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Marker Team Hat

The perfect accessory for the mountain lifestyle The Marker Team Hat. Because there is no such thing as having too many hats. Whether it's a baseball style, trucker, winter, or cowboy, the value of a good hat cannot be understated. Marker's Team Hat shows the casual observer that you are one cool cat, down with the industry, and ready to hit the adventure trail at a moment's notice. The style of the hat is understated and clean, but modern and fashionable. It's a good mix of trucker, flat-brim, and baseball cap style that is quite trendy these days, if you care about that sort of thing. We're mostly in it for the sun out of the eyes, hair out of our face, comfort. For heads that do not fit a flat brim, there's some wiggle room for sure in the style department. The style of the Marker Team Hat can be dressed up or down depending on the situation. While we certainly wouldn't recommend wearing it with a tuxedo, or to a job interview (except at Marker), it is certainly fashionable and stylish enough to wear to somewhat formal occasions. The construction of the hat is top-notch, high-end quality. With a mesh back and a cotton blend front, the Marker Team Hat can withstand some serious use. The mesh keeps your head cool and comfortable, and the brim does what it does best-shields the sun from your eyes. As a result, you get a stylish and well-built hat that can cross a lot of different lines.


  • Mesh backing
  • Adjustable size
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