Marker Women's Tee

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Marker Women's Tee

Other women will look at this tee and see a scoop neck, waist shaping, nice short sleeves.. Marker logo, a nice tee for someone whose winter obsession is snow, skis, and combining the two. You see professional work clothes. Just the thing for a job interview. A tee that says industry awareness, an enthusiasm for the sport, and a commitment to the resort. You're going to pair this with work pants and good boots. Hair out of the eyes. Brush up on the characteristics of this year's line of skis, get the physics behind MIPS technology clear in your mind, and think customer service. You got this. Whether you're aiming for a gap year in the mountains or have decided you're making a permanent move because you don't want spend another weekend driving 8 hours up to the mountains so you can ski for 12 hours over two days in weekend crowds, and then drive 8 hours back again. No. You want to live in the mountains and maybe, someday, you'll drive back to the city and marvel that you ever thought that life was better than living in the mountains. Sure, there will be challenges. And balance is going to take on a whole new meaning. The value of your gear is going to dwarf the value of your car, but how much time do you spend in a car if you're not driving 8 hours to get here. Marker Woman's Tee. Looks like sportswear, wears like work wear.


  • Life changing women's tee
Marker Women's Tee
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