MDV Racetigers Trucker Hat

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MDV Racetigers Trucker Hat

Dashing. Athletic. Fearless. Possibly even a little foolhardy. You know he knows where the best backcountry trails are. There's a bike in the bed of his truck but you never see him ride... he's out at dawn knocking back a single track before most people have thought about coffee. He's the man in the MDV Racetigers Trucker Hat. A little mysterious, with a bend for the mechanical. He's welcome in any ski shop in any town. Walks in the door with a reputation for wizarding ski tunes and making magic happen with boots, and the job is his. He's spent summers down under to keep winter going, there's rumors he broke hearts in Portillo. He's not welcome back to Catedral Alta Patagonia.. the local boys didn't like the way he took down a trail, nor the way he commanded a bar just by walking through the door. They say he spent a winter in Japan training under a master chef, that might explain his wizardry with sushi. Maybe he was born with it. Maybe it's the hat. After all, it is treated with the Ski Essentials DBR, Durable Boredom Repellent. DBR doesn't attract adventure, it just repels the mundane. The boring. The tedious. Maybe he was born with it. Maybe it's the hat. You've never seen him without the hat. There are rumors he even sleeps with it on, but the women of Portillo just kiss their fingers and roll their eyes when you ask. They don't kiss and tell.


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MDV Racetigers Trucker Hat
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