Earn Points on Every Purchase!

Every dollar you spend at SkiEssentials will earn you a loyalty point!
Every 20 points earns a $1.00 credit at checkout on all our gear, online & in-store!
Sign up today to start earning points & gain access to exclusive services!

Earn Points Through Brand Participation!

Follow us online and earn points! (Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube)
Refer friends and earn points for each one!
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New Membership Tiers with Great Rewards!

Three new loyalty membership tiers offer all new perks!
Exclusive access to Double Point events and to early new product releases!
Free in-store demo days for both Winter and Summer gear!

How to Join?

To become a member of the NEW SkiEssentials Loyalty Program all you need is an active SkiEssentials account. If you do not have one just click here to create one.

Redeeming Loyalty Points.

Your loyalty points can be redeemed at checkout. When checking out simply adjust the amount of points you'd like to apply to your purchase & your discount will automatically be applied!

Earning Points:

Earn PointsPoints Amount
Make a Purchase1 point per $1
Sign up to our mailing list100
Create an account50
Refer friends50
Leave a Review via Email50
Add a Photo to your Review20
Upload a Video to your Review20
Follow Us on YouTube20
Follow us on Instagram20
Like us on Facebook20
Birthday Rewards50

Membership Benefits:

Points to Enter Teir0601+2000+
Earn Loyalty Points for all Purchases
Bonus Loyalty Point Oppertunities
Redeem loyalty points for purchase of all products and services, online or in-store
Access to level-exclusive loyalty point earning opportunities
Access to exclusive free "double-point" sales
Early access to certain new gear arrivals
Buy one/get one free Ski Tuning, (1 per season, in-store only)
One free ski or board demo day per season, (1 per season, in-store only)
One free bike demo day per season, (1 per season, in-store only)
Free binding check, (1 per season, in-store only)
Online Concierge-Level customer service
Prioritized online order shipping
Exclusive access to private in-store events

Refer a Friend.

Earn points when a friend signs up & makes a purchase using your referral code! Navigate to the refer a friend section in your SkiEssentials loyalty account for more information.

Loyalty Program FAQs.

I'm signed up for the SkiEssentials.com newsletter. Does that mean I have an account?

You may be signed up for our newsletter but not an account. If you created an account on our website or registered as a customer when checking out, you're already signed up.

Do I earn Loyalty Points if I check out as a guest?

No, you must create an account to earn Loyalty Points. If you don't have an account sign up for one here.

How can I check my Loyalty Points level?

In order to check your Loyalty Points, login to your account here.

Do I earn Loyalty Points when I'm redeeming my Loyalty Points?

Yes! Every dollar you spend on a product earns you Loyalty Points.

Are any items excluded from accumulating Loyalty Points?

Nope! Any product you buy on SkiEssentials.com, Basin Sports, or Pinnacle Sports earns Loyalty Points. However, you cannot earn Loyalty Points from shipping charges.

When will I receive my Loyalty Points for online purchases?

After we finish processing & shipping your order, your account is updated with your new Loyalty Points balance after a 15 day waiting period.

What happens to my Loyalty Points if I return merchandise?

If you return a product, the Loyalty Points you earned for that purchase are deducted from your Loyalty Points balance.

I have another coupon. Can I use it with my Loyalty Points coupon?

All coupons, including Loyalty Points coupons, must be used separately.

Am I only allowed to redeem my loyalty points online?

You can redeem your loyalty points either online, or in either of our two brick-and-mortar locations - Pinnacle Ski & Sports in Stowe, VT and Basin Sports in Killington, VT. Just inform the cashier when checking out that you would like to redeem your loyalty points and they can look up your account and apply your loyalty points to your order.

How do I enter the membership levels and how long can I stay in them?

Entering any of the three membership levels depends on how many points you earn within the previous 12-month period. 12-month point totals required for each level are shown above. Once achieved, you are enrolled in the specific membership level for a duration of 12 months.