POC 2 Colored Beanie

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POC 2 Colored Beanie

Stand out without sticking out thanks to the POC 2 Colored Beanie! An original hat idea for original people, the POC 2 Colored Beanie is a must have item from the POC collection because of its craftsmanship, individuality, and comfort. Made from 50% Wool and 50% Acrylic, the POC 2 Colored Beanie is the perfect blend of warmth and style. It is quite apparent that POC takes a great deal of pride in the craftsmanship of their products, and the 2 Colored Beanie is no exception. It all starts with the classic two-tone nature of the hat-sturdily achieved by the horizontal color break. A properly stitched POC logo tag is attached to the bottom and underside of the cap and this is the only branding found on the Beanie. These qualities speak volumes of how well this 2 Colored Beanie is crafted. POC does a fantastic job of making the 2 Colored Beanie look like an individualistic head piece. It almost looks like a headband with a top-there aren't many other designs like that out on the market today. You'll stand out amongst your peers, but you won't look like everyone else. It's one of fashion's great challenges to make a garment that is individual, but not far-out, and POC has done a great job with its 2 Colored Beanie. Oh, and when you actually put it on your head, you'll notice that the comfort level of the hat is off the charts. The wool/acrylic blend allows the hat to stretch and fit, but not be too loose or cool. It has a light and airy feel to it that is highly desirable. As far as hats go, the POC 2 Colored Beanie has a lot going for it, so pick one up and find out!


  • 50% Wool/50% Acrylic
  • One size
  • Stitched POC logo label
POC 2 Colored Beanie
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