POC Blockstripe Beanie

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POC Blockstripe Beanie

In a world full of beanies, it's sometimes hard to stand out. With the POC Blockstripe Beanie, you can be assured that your beanie will be the beaniest beanie of all. Unique looks, solid construction, and multi-faceted use are the trademarks of this piece. How wide does a stripe have to be before it's not a stripe anymore? These are the existential questions that keep us up at night. The POC Blockstripe Beanie blurs the lines of what is a stripe and what is a block. Are the colors the stripes or are the white parts the stripes? The answer is not important-what is important is that it is a unique look. The vertical nature of the stripes gives that hat a taller look and depending on what direction you put it on-or what direction you are facing-gives the hat a totally different look. POC does a great job of making the stand out, but not in a bad way. There aren't many hats with this look, and as such, your individuality will shine through. Made from 100% Merino Wool, the POC Blockstripe Beanie is a light weight, warm, comfortable hat-it can be used casually or athletically. The Merino Wool will stay warm even if it gets wet, and it will not be scratchy or uncomfortable. The same material used in most ski socks these days is what's used here-it's really quite a wonderful product. How you use the hat is up to you, but there are a lot of options. From cross country skiing to winter camping, and everything in between, the POC Blockstripe Beanie will quickly become the favorite hat in your collection.


  • 100% Merino Wool
  • Two-color design
  • One size
POC Blockstripe Beanie
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