Rollerblade Dry Fluid Extreme

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Rollerblade Dry Fluid Extreme

Once you have your Rollerblades, it's best that you take good care of them in order to maximize their life span. You've got to keep all the parts functioning at their best, and part of that is making sure your wheel bearings are in tip-top shape and still spinning to their best potential. Rollerblade's Dry Fluid Extreme is a high-end dry lube made of the uppermost quality materials to provide the highest speed from your bearings. In contrast to oils and grease which are magnets for dirt and dust, Rollerblade's Dry Fluid Extreme repels it keeping bearings cleaner and moving faster. Faster, smoother spins are achieved thanks to Dry Fluid Extreme's low friction properties. Any sticking of the axles to the bearings will be eliminated with just a little bit of this dry lube. With a precision applicator tip, applying the dry lube and is easy to achieve and you can upkeep your rollerblades with just a minimal amount of effort.


  • 10 ml bottle
  • Precision Applicator
Rollerblade Dry Fluid Extreme
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