Rollerblade SG5 Wheel Bearings 16pk

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Rollerblade SG5 Wheel Bearings 16 Pack

The Rollerblade SG5 wheel bearings are the lifeblood of any rollerblade model. When you're rolling along the path with your buddies and they start to get ahead of you while putting in less effort, your bearings are probably in need of a change. Over time, dirt and other contaminants work their way into your bearings and slow things down a bit. At first, you may not realize it, especially if you're skating by yourself. But when you are with your friends and they effortlessly glide ahead of you while you're skating your little heart out, it should be fairly obvious that you need a new set of wheel bearings. For recreational skaters, the Rollerblade SG5 bearings are a great choice. They have fantastic performance and durability thanks to the 7-ball bearing design. Internally, they have a mixture of silicone and grease that act as lubricants for those bearings, and this results in less friction. On the outside, a metal shield mitigates contaminants that attempt to infiltrate the sealed bearing. This constant battle between external influences and internal shielding is what keeps the bearing people awake at night. But they've done their job pretty well, and you as the skater get to reap the benefits of those long hours in the bearing engineering and design departments. Included in this pack are sixteen bearings that should last you quite a while depending on your blading savagery. You'll love the value and performance of the Rollerblade SG5 wheel bearings


  • 7-Ball Bearing Design
  • Silicone/Grease Lubricant Mixture
  • Exterior Metal Shield
  • 16 Bearings Included
Rollerblade SG5 Wheel Bearings 16pk
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