Rollerblade Twin Cam ILQ-9 Pro Bearings

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Rollerblade Twincam ILQ-9 Pro Wheel Bearings

The Rollerblade Twincam ILQ-9 Pro wheel bearings are a sweet little offering from Rollerblade that contains 16 high-quality bearings and 8 spacers all in a reusable and cool storage box. It is nice touches like this that make the company an absolute gem to work with in the world of inline skating. You'll definitely be the envy of all of your skating buddies when you show up for a skate and whip out this little box of fresh bearings and spacers. When you put them on your skates, they'll know what the fuss was all about. These bearings absolutely rip. There's little to no better way to improve the quality and performance of your inline skates than to replace the bearings, and there's no better way to do that than with the top of the line products. They have enhanced speed, spin, and longevity thanks to the exclusive 6-ball bearing design. There's an S-Channel rubber shield that prevents any type of contaminant from infiltrating the bearing, and this increases the durability and decreases wear time significantly. As opposed to the other Rollerblade bearings, these use TK gel as a lubricant. This gel is a high-quality product that is extremely slippery and pretty much all but eliminates friction. The addition of the spacers is a nice touch, as it's not always beneficial to put new bearings on old spacers. This way, you get a fresh start and it's all good from there. You'll love the increased speed and decreased effort that it takes to get going fast. As a result, you'll leave your skating buddies in the dust with a new set of Rollerblade Twincam ILQ-9 Pro Wheel Bearings.


  • 6-Ball Bearing Design
  • TK Gel as Lubricant
  • S-Channel Rubber Shield
  • 16 Bearings and 8 Spacers Included
  • Reusable Storage Box
Rollerblade Twin Cam ILQ-9 Pro Bearings
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