Rollerblade Wheel Kit 76mm/80A Wheels + SG5 Bearings

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Rollerblade Wheel Kit 76mm/80A Wheels + SG5 Bearings

You gotta go fast out there on the pavement, so you need some extra wheels and bearings. The Rollerblade 76/80A wheel kit is the ideal tune-up for your worn-out wheels, bearings, and spacers. When you've been on your skates for a few months, you'll start to notice a bit of a bump or a wobble when it comes to your wheels. You can rotate them, and get the fresh wheel on the inside, but you can really only do that once, and when you do, you're still losing out on some performance. As the only part of the skate, other than the brake, to touch the pavement, the wheels are super-important. The better the roll, the more fun you're going to have, and as a result, you should take every step necessary to ensure proper balance, confidence, and efficiency. The less work you have to put in, if you can achieve the same speed, the more fun you are going to have, and that is indisputable. As a result of the bearings and spacers wearing out over time, you get a total refresh in that category as well. You'll notice a smoother and faster glide out of these things, and you'll love the total and complete renovation feel of the Rollerblade 76mm/80A wheel kit. The 80A durometer is soft enough to give you great grip and a tremendous amount of confidence without being too hard to turn. For skaters who are at the recreational and fitness level, this wheel set is ideal for advancing and improving your total skate experience. The Rollerblade 76mm/80A wheel kit with SG5 bearings is a must-have accessory.


  • 8 Wheels, 16 Bearings, and 8 Spacers included
  • SG5 Bearings
  • 76mm/80A Durometer Wheels
Rollerblade Wheel Kit 76mm/80A Wheels + SG5 Bearings
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