Rollerblade Wheel Kit 84mm/84A Wheels + SG7 Bearings

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Rollerblade 84mm/84A + SG7 Wheel Kit

Wheel kits are the essential component to either replacing or upgrading your inline skates. In most instances after hard use, like any type of wheel, parts wear out over time and need replacing. This can make or break the performance of your skate. In the case of upgrading your wheels, this can take your skating skills and performance to entirely new levels of success and make your old inline skates perform like new. Whether you are replacing or upgrading your wheel set, Rollerblade has got your back with the Rollerblade 84mm/84A+SG7 Wheel Kit. The wheel kit comes with (8) 84mm wheels, (16) SG7 bearings and (8) 8mm spacers preassembled for replacing your wheel sets. And wheel sets do need replacing, especially if they get used and abused a lot. Replacing your worn out, used wheels can make a huge difference in over-all performance to include speed, glide, grip and cornering capabilities. Replacing your bearings also allow your wheels to rotate smoothly and more freely. For technical matters, 84mm is the diameter of your wheel. 84A is the hardness of the wheel, determining best usage for indoor or outdoor capabilities. In In this case, an 84/84 split will help you attain great rolling resistance regardless of surface area, making this wheel set perfect for all-around recreational use. If you are entry level skater, or an immediate to advanced level rider just looking for an upgrade, the Rollerblade 84mm/84A +SG7 Wheel Set will keep you rolling and smiling, mile after mile.


  • (8) 84mm Wheel Size
  • 84A Wheel Hardness
  • (16) SG7 Bearings
  • (8) 8mm Spacers
  • Preassembled for Easy Installation
Rollerblade Wheel Kit 84mm/84A Wheels + SG7 Bearings
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