Rollerblade X-Gear 3 Pack

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Rollerblade X-Gear 3 Pack

The Rollerblade X-Gear 3 pack is your one-stop shopping for protecting your knees, elbows, and wrists. This complete pad pack is a nice upgrade from your older gear pack, and will keep you scuff and abrasion free on those bony extremities that love to come in first contact with the hard asphalt. Skinned knees, scraped elbows, and busted wrists are all hallmarks of an unprotected skater, and these injuries are not only harmful and hurtful, but they can also take you away from the sport that you love, inline skating. If you're injured, you can't skate, so it makes a lot of sense to protect those more vulnerable areas on your body. Thanks to the three-pack from Rollerblade, your knees get the protection they need with the hard-plastic outer, but the soft padded inner keeps you comfortable and cool thanks to the mesh. Quick release hooks with memory straps make the putting on and taking off aspect of the pads a lot easier and quicker, again allowing you more time out skating and less time fiddling with your gear. Same is true for the elbow pads, as they're ergonomically shaped for comfort and protection. The wrist guards stand out with their protective acumen, allowing for those awkward falls that would normally sprain or break a wrist to go off without a hitch. From a protective standpoint, this three-pack is all there, and from a performance view, the added padding will give you more confidence to go faster, jump higher, and skate further than ever before.


  • 3-Pack Includes Wrist, Knee, and Elbow Pads
  • Quick-Release Hooks
  • Memory Straps
  • Mesh Backing
  • Anatomically Designed
  • Anti-Abrasion Materials
Rollerblade X-Gear 3 Pack
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