Rollerblade X-Gear Wrist Guards

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Rollerblade Bladegear X-Gear Wrist Guards

The Rollerblade Bladegear X-Gear Wrist guards are an essential piece of gear for both recreational and serious skaters. Let's face it, pavement is hard, and when you hit the deck, you need all the protection you can handle to avoid catastrophic injury. That's not to mean that you need to wrap yourself head to toe in some type of bubble-wrap/kevlar combination, your protective gear should be light, effective, and yes, even attractive. For skaters looking for the best in all three phases, the Rollerblade Bladegear X-Gear wrist guards are pretty much perfect. The anatomically designed protective caps are right/left specific, offering the ultimate in comfort. They prevent hyperextending as well as impact and abrasions. Whether you're falling at a high rate of speed and need something to prevent road rash or if you're just falling over as you stand, these guards will protect against impacts and make your experience a lot safer. When you feel safe, your confidence is higher, and you might find that you're willing to try some new things, take your speed up a notch, or just feel more comfortable out there on the skates. From beginners to experts, having the right protective gear is about as essential as it gets. Your wrists are very important for daily life, so it pays to take care of them for sure. Since they have a breathable mesh liner, they're comfortable enough so you won't even know they're there.


  • Anatomical Design
  • Breathable Mesh Lining
  • Shock-Absorbing Inserts
  • High-Impact Protection
Rollerblade X-Gear Wrist Guards
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