Scott Men's Traverse Mittens

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Scott Men's Traverse Mitten

Let's be upfront about something. The Scott Men's Traverse Mitten exists two simultaneously solve two problems: cold hands and lack of convenient storage. Let's start with arguably the more important of the two: the cold hand issue. Starting with an exterior material combination of corded nylon and Jtex, and paired with a HIPORA waterproof / breathable insert, the Men's Traverse Mittens offer two tough layers of defense against moisture. Those of you with ski experience already know that dry hands typically equals warm hands, so the importance of these materials cannot be overlooked. On the interior of the mitten, you'll find a High-IQ moisture wicking fabric on the palm side (because again, dry hands are warm hands, so let's wick that palm sweat away), and an ultra-warm Sherpa fleece lining on the backhand side. In addition to these details, the mittens also feature a 4 oz. layer of Primaloft insulation on the backside, and 2 oz. Primaloft insulation on the palm side to ensure both warmth and maneuverability. Add up these ingredients, and toss in the fact that these are mittens we're talking about, and you can rest assured that you're looking an incredibly warm option for your hands. Now, about that second problem: lack of convenient storage. Looking at the image of these gloves, you'll notice a zipper on the back of the hand. This is actually a small storage pouch that's designed to be used with hand warmers (aka, additional warmth), but something that we've also found to have great storage benefits as well (think Chap Stick, money, RFID pass, etc.). All in all, this list of features, combined with an approachable price point, makes the Scott Men's Traverse Mittens one of our favorite mittens on the market!


  • Back Hand Zip Pocket
  • Shell Fabric: Corded Nylon / Jtex
  • Palm Material: Tougtek, CORDURA
  • Insert: HIPORA Waterproof / Breathable
  • Palm Lining: High-IQ Moisture Wicking Fabric
  • Back Hand Lining: Sherpa Fleece
  • Composition: 80% Nylon, 20% Polyurethane
  • Back Insulation: 4 oz. Primaloft
  • Palm Insulation: 2 oz. Primaloft
  • Fit: Relaxed
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