Scott Multi Color Nylon Wallet

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Scott Wallet Small

A sleek wallet for sports where you need your id and ability to transact but don't want to be weighed down. A nice flat fold that fits conveniently in inner pockets, stash pockets, and backpack stuff pockets, we travel with not one of these, but two, color coded. Both wallets contain a stash of cash but only one has active credit cards and an ID. The other has an inactive card, several used gift cards, and a few receipts tucked into it. The decoy wallet is then stashed where it is easy to access, the real is securely hidden. In an emergency you have a stash of cash readily available without flashing around your credit cards and ID, or, should things get really dicey, a dummy wallet to hand over to someone who is asking for it rather more forcefully than you're comfortable with. It's a travel hack made possible by small, compact, and reasonably priced wallets. A 420 denier honey frame fabric on the outside gives this abrasion resistance while the 210 denier nylon interior keeps the weight down and the wallet folding flat. A change pocket puts meter money at your fingertips for those small towns that haven't, apparently, heard of credit card meters and are still charging ten cents an hour for parking. A sporty synthetic wallet that slides into the narrow pockets of active sportswear and can be color coded as a travel hack, or to color coordinate with your various backpacks.

These unique wallets have no equal out there in the world. They are diamonds in the rough, shooting stars, two-headed unicorns gallivanting among the clouds. The wallet comes in three color options and we will choose one so you'll never have to worry again if you have the same wallet as someone else out there--the chances of that happening are astronomical when it comes to these Scott money holders. You can take that burden off of your mind for the lifespan of the product. We're all about reducing stress here at, and you can take that to the bank with your new wallet.


  • 420 D Honey frame fabric
  • 210 D interior polyester
  • Credit card pockets
  • Slash pockets
  • Bill compartment
  • Coin compartment
  • Bi-fold
Scott Multi Color Nylon Wallet
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