Scott Punisher Ski Poles - 2017

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Scott Punisher Ski Poles

The Punisher Ski Pole holds up to its name as it is a great pole if you have a tendency to mistreat you equipment. This pole won't hurt your wallet even with all the features that it comes with. The Punisher is made with a super durable S3 Aluminum Shaft that might not be the lightest, but will ensure alignment after skiing park, pipe and liftline all day. Scott knows that comfort is everything so the poles come with cush Notch Grips which are ergonomic grip for a better tactical sensation when skiing all day. No one wants hand cramps after sending some big whitenuckling hucks all day. Because most people who punish their equipment by default punish their body, Scott put their Strap Release System (S.R.S.) straps on the Punisher poles to keep your upper body safe when you do something sketchy. When the pole is pulled too hard the wrist strap comes out preventing injury. The poles come with 3.6 disc baskets designed with aerodynamics and durability in mind. At the end of the shaft you will find a Ice Tip for great traction when the slopes get scraped off. The Ice Tip is essentially a dense piece of metal in a diamond shape to help puncture ice with greater ease. This pole is great for anyone looking for a pair of poles to beat on all season long.


  • S3 Aluminum
  • 18mm Shaft diameter
  • Notch Grip
  • FX 15x25 strap
  • 3.6 Basket
  • Ice Tip
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