Scott Unlimited II OTG Goggles w/ Illuminator Lens

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Scott Unlimited II OTG Goggles

Amongst some of the oldest jokes in "the book" are those pertaining to eye glasses. Widely regarded as nerdy, unstylish, or simply uncool, us glasses wearers have had to fight off unfounded stereotypes for decades. Heck, even in the world of skiing when we're able to try and hide behind ski goggles we've experienced problems. Whether it's the double layer of fog or the struggle of just finding pair of goggles that it over your glasses, the idea of usefully hiding your spectacles under a pair of mirrored lenses has been wishful thinking at best, or delusional at worst. That is of course, until the Scott Unlimited II OTG (Over the Glasses) Goggles. Created specifically for eyeglass enhanced professional grade skiers, the Scott Unlimited II OTG Goggles offers one subtle, but very specific feature that allows for use with prescription glasses. On the sides of the goggles where the soft plastic would normally run evenly from top to bottom, Scott has created a notch that allows the arms of your glasses to comfortably extend from your temples to your ears. It's a subtle adjustment, but one that makes for extreme comfort and ease of use for those of us who are accustomed to neither. Beyond that, these goggles offer all of the same great features as the regular Scott Unlimited II goggles, including Scott's NoFog Anti-Fog Lens Treatment, Spherical OptiView Double Lens, ACS Air Control System, Integrated RAM Air, and plenty of other great features to keep your vision clear and comfortable out on the slopes!


  • Optimized for Prescription Glasses
  • OTG Specific Strap Clip
  • Integrated RAM Air
  • 2-Layer Molded Face Foam
  • No-Slip Silicone Strap
  • Spherical Scott OptiView Double Lens
  • NoFog Anti-Fog Lens Treatment
  • ACS Air Control System
  • Includes Extra Goggle Bag
  • Fit: Medium to Large
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