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Seirus Magnemask Combo

The first ever magnetic seam pull down face mask that snaps back into place the Magnemask Combo by Seirus is full face protection that releases and snaps back into place with one handed convenience. Whether you're accessing your phone, need a snack, or stepping into the lodge, this mask pops open along the seam, allowing you freedom of movement without fabric bunching and binding under your chin. When you're ready to head back into the cold, lift the mask and the magnets click it into place, no fumbling adjustments required. A four way stretch hood fits smoothly under your helmet, while the integrated neck gaiter protects the back and front of your neck from unexpected shots of snow.. or just a nippy wind. A contoured Neofleece face mask has a soft fleecy inside with a wind busting non-toxic neoprene exterior to repel wind, cold, and moisture. A great combination head, neck, and face protector for the person who finds conventional headwear claustrophobic, but wants a well-designed and serious defense against winter cold striking the unprotected face. This beats cowering into the collar of your jacket hollow, providing a technical and robust layer between your tender skin and winter wind, cold, and reflected sun. A basic black mask, the Seirus neoprene masks have been a staple in winter wardrobes for years. The addition of the magnetic seam attachment system opens this up to people who need more freedom from behind their mask, and provides long time fans with snap in place convenience.


  • Mask with magnetic seams so mask snaps into place
  • Hood, face mask & neck warmer in one
  • Warm Performance fleece
  • Contoured Neofleece face mask
  • 4-way stretch
  • Certified non-toxic neoprene
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