Seirus NeoFleece Comfort Masque

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Seirus Neofleece Comfort Masque

The mask that made Seirus famous, the Neofleece Comfort Masque, is full on face protection across the cheeks and over the chin in a bandit style mask with an adjustable Velcro closure. The Comfort Mask comes sized, designed to fit to your face without gapping and flap, and contoured to seal under your goggles. The Neofleece® technical fleece lining of the neoprene is soft, comfortable, and moisture wicking, to keep your face frost free. Large central breathing holes allow breath to escape (and enter, of course!) while the nosepiece directs warm, moist, air, down, and away from the goggles. Wind and waterproof, the closed cell neoprene outside is designed to take on even the worst weather by providing you with second skin style protection, without the permeability and air gaps of a conventional neck gaiter. No fussing with pulling up your gaiter and attempting to adjust it so your breath doesn't fog your goggles, which can only be done by exposing your tender nose to the dubious mercies of winter.. this mask gives full protection with fix it and forget it convenience. Sized for children (XS) through adult XL there's a mask for everyone in your family, no need to send even the smallest, or the largest, out to brave the elements on their own.


  • Featuring Neofleece® technical fleece lining for comfort and moisture wicking
  • Wind/waterproof Closed Cell Neoprene keeps you warm
  • Plush, warm fleece lining keeps you cozy
  • Top contoured to seal under goggles
  • Large central breathing holes
  • Adjustable Velcro closure
  • Certified Non-Toxic Neoprene
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