Smith Sunglass and Goggle No Fog Cloth

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Smith Fog Cloth

A Lint-free cotton lens cloth coated with strong detergent the Smith Fog Cloth helps to keep lenses free of fog for hours. Packaged in zip-locking bag for clean storage and quick access this is designed to be used when your goggle and glasses are dry. Don't wait for fog to crop up, nip it in the bud with this cloth designed to gently and effectively clean the invisible micro-etched inside of your lenses to keep them free of dust, debris, salts, and sweat. Those tiny channels are there to keep moisture from settling (and fogging). Keep them clean and clear and your lenses will perform perfectly when you're out rocking your lines and pushing the powder. While goggle bags and goggle cloths are fine for quick wipedowns or that post face-plant clean up, to maintain your lenses in peek condition you want to begin the day with a quick polish with this Fog Cloth. Open up those tiny little micro-etched grooves and your lenses will be ready to shine, whether you're out on a cold and damp day, or working up a sweat under a winter sun. The right tool for the right job specifically designed for the unique requirements of modern high end lenses this provides an effective polish that lifts dust and fingerprints off other optics as well. Try it on binoculars, rifle scopes, and even your iphone camera lens, for lens that sparkle with clarity.


  • Gently cleans and restores lenses.
  • Impregnated with a strong detergent to cut sweat and grease/
  • Great for all goggles including ski/snowboarding, paintball, airsoft and many more.
  • Also works great on optics such as binoculars and rifle scopes.
  • Includes 1 No Fog Cloth
Smith Sunglass and Goggle No Fog Cloth
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