Jeff Neagle

Digital Content Manager

Meet Our Staff

Years with Skiessentials: 2 years

Best thing about working at SE: Being surrounded by passionate skiers. It’s a fun work environment and everyone is committed to the sport of skiing.

Years Skiing: 2017/18 will be my 30th season on skis. I started when I was 2 years old.

Days per year on skis: Typically over 100, last season was closer to 140.

How many pairs of skis do you own: I own a lot of skis, although most don’t have much life left and are leftover for nostalgic reasons. I have 4 pairs of skis that I use regularly.

Where did you learn to ski? Lost Valley and Shawnee Peak in Southern Maine. I did a lot of night skiing as a kid in after school programs and with family and friends on weekends. As I got a little older and was seeking specific terrain I would take trips to Sunday River and Sugarloaf, two much bigger mountains.

Current skis of choice: My daily driver is the Nordica Soul Rider 97. It has a great mix of performance characteristics and I can take it anywhere on the mountain from the trees to the terrain park.

Favorite place to ski: I’ve only been there once, but probably Whistler. Mammoth is right up there too as I lived there for a year and know the mountain pretty well at this point. Anywhere that I can get a mix of steep, open terrain and a good terrain park system is right up my alley.

Dream ski trip: Verbier with Candide. I’d like to think that I could follow Candide through at least a few lines on his home mountain. I’m probably way wrong about that, but I think it would be a blast to ski there and see first-hand how he looks at terrain. Verbier looks like a natural playground to me.

Favorite terrain: Steep, open, off-piste where I can really open it up and make high speed turns without worrying about hitting rocks, trees, etc. The feeling of mobbing down a steep slope with massive powder skis on my feet is one of my favorite aspects of skiing. A well-built, safe terrain park has got to be right up there as well. It’s really fun hitting a big jump with a proper landing that doesn’t have a ton of impact. As I get older, but continue to want to flip and spin through the air, I value a well-built jump more and more.

Go to food/fuel while skiing: Vermont Smoke and Cure Meat Sticks and those cheap cheese and peanut butter crackers that you buy at a gas station for $.59.

What is your most essentials piece of gear: My boots. I spend over 100 days per year with my feet in ski boots, including full Saturdays of coaching and some competing on the side. I value performance and comfort in my boots as I spend a lot of time in them and it’s always the piece of equipment I spend the most time getting “right.”

Most memorable ski experience: Skiing the Mammoth Mountain Unbound Main Park for the first time. I was 19 years old, myself and 2 friends had just made the trip to Mammoth from the east coast, and it was late October. In those days Mammoth was the go-to spot for early season training for park skiers and I was immediately surrounded by all of my skiing idols, which was intimidating, inspiring, and humbling.

Favorite skier of all time: Shane McConkey, Jon Olsson, and Candide Thovex. I think Shane has had the biggest impact on me as a person out of all the skiers who have influenced me. He always seemed to have a super positive view on life and was always having fun. If I’m ever in a funk or down on my skiing I’ll think of Shane and his positivity. Jon and Candide are the two skiers who have influenced my actual skiing the most. Jon is incredibly precise and very safe, yet was the first to do many double flips on park jumps. Candide is cat-like, can ski anything, and somehow never seems scared.

Off season activities: Mountain biking, running, and some whitewater kayaking now and then when I can find time and folks to paddle with. Mostly I just ride my bike a lot, including a fair amount of DH. It’s not quite the same, but I still love being on the mountain, riding the lifts, and think the culture of DH biking is somewhat similar to alpine skiing.

Beverage of choice: Sierra Nevada Torpedo. It’s pretty darn good and the price is almost half of certain artisan IPAs.

Days in jail: A whopping 0. I got my fair share of speeding tickets as a youngster, including criminal speeding the night of my Junior Prom. Luckily I was a minor...

Last grade completed: Somehow I graduated from UVM with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, despite easily spending more time skiing than studying.