Swix Fibertex Combi

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Swix Fibertex Combi

The Fibertex Combi pack by Swix is a triplet of nylon fiber pads used in ski base care before and after waxing. Color coded easy reference this kit contains a pad designed for use on new skis or after a fresh stone grind to remove micro hairs from the base before waxing, a pad to be used between stone grinds to remove oxidized layers and open the base in preparation for a fresh wax, and a pad for polishing the base after waxing and brushing for a perfect finish. At a microscopic level the base of a ski without preparation and polishing looks like a disorganized tangle of fibers, clearly not what you desire if forward propulsion is what you're going for. After? Fibers are aligned in perfect vertical order, ready to maximize your speed and glide on snow. Maintaining your own bases and perfecting the art of waxing to conditions helps competitive skiers and aggressive amateurs achieve their personal best, whether they're training, racing, or just out for the sheer joy of the sport. The right equipment for the job at hand will speed you through the process and give you the best end results possible. The Fibertex Combi pack is specifically designed for ski bases and ski waxes, a product you can buy with confidence and use with ease.


  • Contains three Fibertex pads for ski base care
  • Fine (T266), Medium (T264) and Coarse (T266N)
  • Nylon fiber pads
  • Bonds small abrasive particles with resin.
  • Used for deburring
Swix Fibertex Combi
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