Swix Techlite Plus Ski Poles

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Swix Techlite Plus Ski Poles

Ski poles are often getting overlooked by the ski world. Sure, companies try to make high-end, low-end, and in the middle poles, but by and large, skiers do not pay attention. The Swix Techlite Plus ski poles are looking to end that discrepancy. You should treat your pole purchasing process not unlike the rest of your gear. Find something that is well made, easy on the eyes, and soft on the wallet. For this, the Swix Techlite Plus ski poles are 3 for 3. Starting with an aluminum shaft, Swix is making some the lightest and most durable poles out there. When you are skiing, you need to maintain balance. The hands are the first point of balance contact for many skiers. When your hands get too far back, or even behind you, then you lose your balance. If you are able to keep your hands in front of you, the balance point and center of gravity moves forward and down the hill-just like it should. Thanks to the Swix Techlite Plus ski poles, this transition from back to front will be much easier thanks to the lightweight aluminum shaft. At 18 mm wide, the poles are durable and will last a long time. The grips, straps, and baskets are all made with care and longevity in mind. For all skiers who are looking for an attractive, inexpensive, and well-made product, look no further than the Swix Techlite Plus Ski Poles.


  • 18 mm Aluminum Shaft
  • Ergonomically Designed Handle
  • 10 mm Ferrule
Swix Techlite Plus Ski Poles
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