Swix Ti7 Ski Poles

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Swix Ti7 Premium Aluminum Poles

The Swix Ti7 is a high quality aluminum ski pole with a really nice grip and strap system and a wider diameter shaft than traditional ski poles. It's easy to overlook ski pole selection after spending so much time determining your new boots, skis, outerwear, goggles, and whatever other gear you're really excited about, but poles are important too. Having a low quality pole can cause greater fatigue throughout the day of skiing as your hands are working harder to hold on to slippery grips and your arms are working harder swinging around an unnecessarily heavy pole. Swix's Sonic handle is ergonomically correct, comfortable, and has a secure feel thanks to the soft rubber material. Unlike plastic, rubber retains its feel even in really cold temperatures. The strap uses a highly adjustable, really durable strap system that allows you to secure the poles. Between the rubber grip and the adjustable strap system you won't have a pole slip out of your hands at any point during the ski day. The larger diameter, 18 mm aluminum shaft is very durable without being excessively heavy and tapers to a 10 mm base where we see Swix's Saturn Basket system. This basket can work with aftermarket powder baskets that clip on to the existing pole. Durable, ergonomically correct, and high quality materials, and an excellent value!


  • 18 mm Aluminum Shaft Tapering to 10 mm
  • Ergonomic Sonic Grip System
  • Easy Strap Adjustments
  • Comfortable Padding
  • Saturn Basket System accepts Powder Baskets
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