Swix W2 Women's Ski Poles

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Swix W2 Women's Ski Poles

The Swix W2 Ski Poles are a great choice for skiers who are looking for a simple, durable, and attractive pole to hit the slopes. Poles have to be the most underrated piece of ski gear. For too long, these "accessories" have been seen as an afterthought. How can this be when you use them all the time? How can this be when the point of the pole is to maintain balance and timing? These are some critical areas in the sport of skiing, and they should not be taken for granted. Yes, your skis are on your feet, but the notion of poles being un-important or this type of "any pole is fine" attitude has got to stop. From the grips to the tips, poles have a lot going for them, and you should put as much thought and attention to your poles as any other piece of gear. First and foremost, having lightweight aluminum poles like the Swix W2 ski poles is a huge advantage. Your hands need to be in front of your hips in order to maintain good body control. If your hands get dragged back behind you, you're going to lose balance. The lighter the pole, the easier it is to keep your hands in front. Additionally, do not settle for a simple grip. That's the only thing your hands touch while you ski. The super comfortable DD5 Grip will ensure that. Do not overlook poles, for the love of skiing. The Swix W2 Ski Poles are a perfect choice when you finally see the light.


  • 14 mm Aluminum Shaft
  • Swix DD5 Grip
  • Adjustable Sonic Strap
  • Steel Tip
Swix W2 Women's Ski Poles
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