Swix WC Pro SL Ski Poles

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Swix World Cup Pro SL Ski Poles

These Swix World Cup Pro SL poles are a perfect choice for alpine slalom racers as well as all mountain skiers who value a high performance, high quality ski pole. Ski poles might not seem like an important piece of equipment. Anything will work, right? Wrong. I guess it depends on how you define "work", but a quality pair of ski poles really makes a difference when you're out there skiing. These slalom race poles use super high quality 7075 aluminum for the shaft of the pole, which is both lightweight and very durable. They use the Swix DD4 handle with their patented Swix ADD tab system. This grip is very comfortable and fits nicely and securely in your hand. The tab system makes it practically impossible to drop your poles, while still retaining excellent safety in the result of a fall. The alpine racing basket is relatively low profile, which is perfect for high speed skiing on groomers, but will sink deep into soft snow. Whether you're a competitive slalom racer or a more recreational level skier these poles offer great performance. The grip and strap system is super comfortable, the shaft is durable and lightweight, the basket and tip promotes precision pole plants, and they're just a great pair of poles all around.


  • 7075 Aluminum Shaft
  • DD4 Handle with Patented Swix ADD Tab System
  • Alpine Racing Basket
  • 18 mm Shaft
  • 10 mm Ferrule
  • Recommended Use: Competition Slalom Skiing and Recreational Use
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