TSL Symbioz Hyperflex Original Snowshoes

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TSL Symbioz Hyperflex Original Snowshoes

If you're looking for fantastic traction on steep slopes and control on inclines in soft snow the TSL Symbioz Hyperflex Original Snowshoes are here to make your time outside in winter safer and more comfortable. With a combination of innovations in the binding to the arcing flex of the shoe itself supported by carbon inserts these shoes promote a natural stride while flexing to meet any rough patches in the terrain. A combination of vertical blades and the stainless steel bidirectional crampons placed under the foot give solid uphill traction and excellent grip when headed downhill as well as promoting what is called "drift control" in an inclined traverse. The flexible frame, which arcs underfoot, follows the shape of the terrain. This shoe provides superb stability and safety by helping you to avoid sudden sliding in powder snow. The flexible binding is adjustable to your boot, then set in that position for easy on and off, and precision tightening with the BOA® Fit System and ratchet ankle strap. This shoe is unusual, in that it looks like nothing you've ever seen before and takes a completely different approach to walking on snow surfaces with its arching flex technology, but the end results can't be argued with. These are light, maneuverable, and quite amazing in the field.


  • Carbon reinforcements along the rail allow this shoe to flex in a ground hugging arc across uneven terrain
  • Hyper-flexible and light with an ergonomic binding that provides a high level of foot flexibility
  • Lock Adjustment memorizes your shoe size for all your snowshoeing outings.
  • BOA® Fit System: dial in your fit quickly and easily, The BOA® Fit System enables faster, more powerful directional changes through a seamless connection between equipment and body.
  • Lateral Adjust for greater comfort accepts any width of shoe to give maximum foot surround.
  • Ankle Pre-Adjust centers the comfort pad on your instep and permanently set its position.
  • Ratchet system adjustment for a secure and fast fit
  • Padded comfort strap
  • Sound and Shock Absorbing System (SSAS)
  • Easy Ascent Heel lift, activated by simply pushing with the pole
  • Front grip: A sharp, multi-tooth grip for maximal traction on steep inclines. Made from stainless steel.
  • Crampons: Whether on flat or inclined surfaces, initial contact with the snow is made using these 2 two-way, stainless steel crampons positioned beneath the base of the foot.
  • Storage and transport bag included
  • Shoe Sizes: Small 6.5w > 12w, Medium 7m > 13m, Large 8m > 15m
  • User Weight: Small 65 > 180 Lbs, Medium 110 > 260 Lbs, Large 150 > 300 Lbs
  • Sizes: Small 20.5 X 7.5'', Medium 24.2 X 8'', Large 27 X 8.5''
  • Weight1.98 Lbs X 22.09 Lbs X 22.31 Lbs X 2
  • Crampons: 2 X 8
  • Front grip teeth

Size Chart:

Snowshoe Size Recommended Weight (lbs)
Small 65 - 180
Medium 110 - 260
Large 150 - 300
TSL Symbioz Hyperflex Original Snowshoes
Are these snowshoes basically for hiking or can they be used for racing? Are they legal for snowshoe racing and how do they compare to other race snowshoes on the market?
Question by: Richard Zifra on Jan 20, 2022, 12:06 PM
This is what I could find on racing snowshoes:
Answer by: SkiEssentials Expert on Jan 20, 2022, 3:36 PM

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