Volkl Beanie

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Volkl Beanie

How warm and resilient are these acrylic beanie hats? Let's put it this way.. one year they were released not in these reasonable, wearable, flattering earth tones, but in a noxious shade of almost orange. We suspect the yarn was a mistake. How bad was the color? It was so bad the hats ended up being given away and every man in arm's reach at the time ended up with one of these noxious almost orange hats. How noxious was the almost orange? It was the sort of color that might only be worn if your kid gave it to you for father's day. It was not a color any woman wanted to be even vaguely associated with. But the men didn't care about the color. The men loved the hats. Their wives hated them. So we've been trying to kill them. It's been five years now. No amount of washing, nor throwing them in a dryer, will kill them. They come back bouncy, clean, cozy, and comfortable... and hideously almost orange. Lucky you, almost orange has never been seen, in any product line, again (did I say we thought the yarn was a mistake?). Instead we have earth tones. Same cozy, stretchy, beanie style hat that can be rolled into a sailor-style when the weather is foul, worn as a beanie to cover helmet head for an après ski beer... but in colors you won't be embarrassed to be seen with. The Volkl Beanie. Earth tone, modestly tagged, the workhorse of winter.


  • Men's favorite hats
  • Acrylic
Volkl Beanie
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