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Volkl Icon Tee

You like to play it cool, but there's a video from a couple of years ago when you are heard to actually whoop when you dropped into that glade. Whooped. It didn't go viral but that's only because the guy you were with just celebrated his 65th birthday and he thinks Tiktoc is a sound a clock makes. You're pretty sure the only reason there's a video is he didn't know he was taking a video, slip of the fingers and now there's a record of a whoop. Thank the snow gods for old men who'd rather ski the trees than sit around figuring technology out. You'd follow him anywhere, this is his mountain. He knows every traverse, every boulder, every snag. He could do the climbs blindfolded, his hands and feet unerringly finding the cracks and holds. You're not the only one trusting his rugged skill, he's on the mountain rescue team. And if he isn't as fast as the men half his age, he's smarter and cannier. Spent several years in the big mountains but prefers the intimacy of the small ones. "Now that I'm old," he says with a wink. He tells you the beer is better here, and narrow trails keep you sharp. He's an original, skiing in duct tape and wool sweaters. First to adopt a helmet, back when they were heavy and clumsy. "You got to set an example," he said. Backcountry skier. Rescue volunteer. Coach. Mentor. Local Icon. Every time you put on the Volkl Icon Tee you think of him. Crossed skis graphic, loud and bold, just like the man.


  • 90 cotton 10 poly
Volkl Icon Tee
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