Volkl Neckie

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Volkl Neckie

The most useful scrap of fabric ever developed? The Neckie. It's a hat, a headband, sun protection, a defender against the cold... there's about 10 different ways to wear a neckie. But that's just the tip of the neckie iceberg. Got an emergency? Grab the neckie. Need a tourniquet? Grab the neckie. Emergency dog collar? Neckie. Fire starter? Light it up. Stumbled across a field of wild blueberries? Tie a knot in one end and you've got a berry bag. Your sister's little bundle of joy is a chubby blob of teething woe? Knot ice into your neckie and let the wee thing have a chew on that. Taking the library book to the beach? Makeshift book cover. The most all-purpose, useful, thing ever produced. A thing that should be in your gear bag, your pocket, your car, 12 months out of the year. Takes up no space, weighs precious little, performs all the tasks. The usefulness of this little thing is limited only by your imagination. Acquire them by the handful so you can hand them out to friends. You don't really want the one back your nephew has been chewing on for the past hour, do you? The Volkl Neckie. One in a long line of amazingly useful little tubes of fabric. The scrap that never dies. And when it does, finally, start failing.. can be used to tie up tomato plants in the garden. Paracord? Doesn't hold a candle to the neckie.


  • The neck tube of 1000 uses
Volkl Neckie
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