Volkl Women's Tee

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Volkl Women's Tee

The whole world has gone technical synthetics, but you're still a cotton tee woman. Yes, a synthetic tee is a wicking marvel, but the fabric pulls and runs, it just doesn't wear like cotton. And your life? Your life involves job sites, firewood, boots, gloves, power tools, and a truck. A cotton tee takes endless abuse you dish out without snagging, shrugging off abrasion in a way a synthetic never will. And if the fabric is popping and pulling on your person.. imagine what kind of micro-plastic it is releasing when you wash it! And when you say a good cotton tee never dies, what you mean is it is recyclable. When you've finally worn it to stained and battered and probably shouldn't be seen in public again, it makes a great rag. When it finally outlives its life as a rag? Then it's greasy self is flammable, and it can go up in a puff of Viking funeral campfire. That synthetic? That thing is going to live forever too, but in a whole lot less friendly way. The Volkl Women's Logo Tee. 100% cotton. 100% end of life degradable. 100% cut for a woman's shape with a flattering scoop neck, scooped hem, and tailored to a woman's figure. A tee for job sites, weekend afternoons, and vehicle repair. Crossed skis logo because while summer is fine, winter is your jam. Volkl because you know gear.


  • Women's Volkl logo tee
  • Scoop neck
  • Scoop hem
  • Feminine shaping
  • 100% cotton tee
Volkl Women's Tee
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