Yakima BackSwing Hitch Swing Arm

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Yakima Backswing Hitch Swing Arm

Make accessing the rear of your vehicle easier with your existing Yakima bike rack by getting the Yakima Backswing; an adapter that gives riders the ability to pivot their traditional 2" hitch rack 90 degrees. This places the rack to the right hand side of the vehicle and completely out of the way for full rear door access. Now riders have plenty of space to gear up for the ride, or chill out on the tailgate post ride. Once the extension arm is fully opened the Backswing securely locks into place. No need to worry about that rack swinging back at you. Don't forget, when closing the Backswing towards the tailgate, make sure to push from the outside of the rack - if you pull the Backswing arm from the inside you'll quickly find yourself in a pinch. This attachment works best with many of Yakima's 2" hitch racks, and can handle a maximum weight of 250lbs - that means the weight of the attached rack to the Yakima Backswing, plus the weight of the bikes. It's fairly easy to install and remove, with great instructional videos on Yakima's website to help guide folks through the process. One of the benefits of this attachment is it's minimal size for easy storage. The extension also uses the SKS (Same Key System) to securely lock the attachment to the hitch. One benefit of the SKS is that it gives riders the option of using one key for all their Yakima lockable racks, if they invest in the Lock Core packs.


  • Attachment swings fully loaded bike rack for tailgate access
  • Swings 90 degrees and locks in place
  • Secures to 2" hitch receivers
  • Maximum load capacity 250 lbs (rack plus gear)
  • Includes SKS (Same Key System)
Yakima BackSwing Hitch Swing Arm
Is the Backswing in stock? Can delivery be guaranteed by 7/11?
Question by: lloyd abrams on Jul 6, 2020, 12:20 PM
Hi Lloyd!
We're having trouble keeping racks in stock for sure. Give a call 877/812/6710 and let us know where you are and we'll give you a quote if needed on expedited shipping. Thanks!
Answer by: SkiEssentials Expert on Jul 7, 2020, 11:22 AM

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