Yakima Hold Up 2'' Bike Tray

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Yakima Hold Up 2'' Bike Tray

Hitch trays are the way to go. I got a hitch tray a few years ago, and I don't think I'm ever going back. The Yakima Hold Up 2" bike tray is an ideal choice for carrying two of your most precious pieces of cargo other than children to your chosen destination. When the rack is attached to the frame of your vehicle, it gives it a sturdy and stable platform to start on-the thing really feels like it's attached to your car or truck rather than just hanging on it. You'll be able to travel wherever you want with full confidence that your bikes are going to make it there with you. One of the nicest things about these tray racks is that no part of the rack ends up touching your fork or frame. The control arm clamps down on the tire right at the top of the fork, and the rear wheel strap sticks to the rim and basically keeps the back end of the bike from bouncing out. This rack fits bikes with wheel sizes ranging from 20" to 29, and tire widths ranging from road bike narrow to a 3" wide plus size tire. Additional wheel shelves are required for fat bike tires. Another fantastic part of this rack is that you can tilt it down to access your trunk without taking the bikes off, leading to a more convenient experience and a new level of user-friendliness.


  • StrongArm design secures bike at wheels, protecting paint and carbon frames
  • Fits 20" - 27.5"-wheel sizes with tires up to 3.0" wide and 29" tires up to 2.5" wide
  • Accommodates disc brakes, through axles, and full suspension bikes
  • Tilts down with bikes loaded for rear-of-vehicle access
  • Side-to-side adjustability to adjust space between bikes
  • SKS Locks included; locks rack and bikes
  • Carries 2 bikes
  • 2" Hitch Reciever
  • 60lbs weight maximum per bike (120lbs total)
  • Accommodates bike wheelbases up to 48"
Yakima Hold Up 2'' Bike Tray
Can you use for 1 1/4
Question by: Rob on Jul 12, 2021, 12:02 AM
Hi, Thanks for reaching out to us. This is for a 2" Hitch only but you can purchase adapters to go down to the 1 1/4" but it will stick out father on the car. Hope this helps!
Answer by: Alli R on Jul 12, 2021, 11:10 AM

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